Faith, hope and love abide, these three,
but the greatest of these is LOVE!

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My name is Karen Ann Lamb I am 57 years old and live with my husband, Steve, in Melbourne, Australia. I work as a Medical Imaging Technologist in a private practice and enjoy many alternative hobbies such as Wuji Gong, Chi Gong and Meditation. I am also an Ascension Reiki Master Teacher. I enjoy travelling and not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would write a book in my lifetime. However the Universe had other ideas!

A seed was sown whilst visiting Hawaii and so the journey began for my book “Love Has No Boundaries.”

On the death of my Grandmother in 1998 my Mum returned to Australia with my Grandmother’s treasured belongings. Amongst them was a box containing priceless letters of love written by my Grand-Father during WWII. I never knew these letters existed within our family, each one carefully folded up in its original stamped envelope, obviously well looked after and treasured. Mum was grieving at that time, so even though they stirred emotions of excitement and a longing to known what had been written in them, they were put safely away, waiting for the appropriate time to be read.       

Later on, from the few conversations Mum and I had about the letters, I learnt that my Grand-Father had been aboard a Merchant Navy ship sailing from England and Scotland to New Zealand during the war years. Mum also shared with me that she would read the letters her Father had written when she was a teenager. She read them when her Mum was out, keeping the bond between Father and daughter alive, as George had suddenly died, only three months after the war ended, when my Mum was only nine years old!

On our first trip to New Zealand in February 2011 the excitement and longing to read the letters encouraged me,  to ask my Mum,  if I could read my Grand-Father’s letters,  before heading off to Wellington! The rest as they say is history! The book “LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES” came into being, first as a seed in my thought processes but manifested here, now, in the physical sense. I hope everyone reading the book enjoys my Grand-Parent’s love story as much as I have writing about it!

In ending, August 15th 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the end of WWII.

November 15th 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the sudden, accidental death of my Grand-Father George Bidwell. A truly remarkable man, whose letters written all those years ago, can inspire and give hope to all of us today!

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